Mathematics is ubiquitous in all aspects of nature and human activity. The long-term goal of this website is to convey this fact by exploring mathematics and its applications as well as providing resources for learning.

Your Place for Tutoring in Mathematics

I’m available for online tutoring in mathematics at the high school, college, and graduate level. More information can be found on the tutoring services page. If you need help with your course work, are struggling with a concept, desire supplemental instruction, or want to engage in independent study, please contact me.

Mike Melko, PhD Mathematics

forward001 Brief Biography: I received my Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of California, Santa Cruz, in 1989 with a specialization in differential geometry. Since then, I have worked in both industry and academia. I have mathematical modeling and programming experience in both the petroleum industry and bioinformatics, and I maintain an active research program. I have taught mathematics courses at all levels of the undergraduate curriculum in several countries. See my CV for details.